Dandelion herb (Pugongying)

Pharmaceutical Name: Herba taraxaci
Botanical Name: 1. Taraxacum mongolicum Hand.-Mazz.; 2. Taraxacum sinicum Kitag.
Common Name: Dandelion herb
Source of Earliest Record: Xinxiu Bencao.
Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The whole plant is gathered in summer or autumn, cleaned in water and then dried in the sun.
Properties & Taste: Bitter, sweet and cold
Meridians: Stomach and liver.
Functions: 1. To clear heat and release toxins; 2. To resolve dampness.
Indications & Combinations:
1. Boils, carbuncles and furuncles. Dandelion herb (Pugongying) is used with Viola (Zihuadiding), Wild chrysanthemum flower (Yejuhua) and Honeysuckle flower (Jinyinhua).
2. Damp-heat jaundice. Dandelion herb (Pugongying) is used with Oriental wormwood (Yinchenhao).
3. Turbid urination. Dandelion

herb (Pugongying) is used with Lysimachia (Jinqiancao) and Imperata rhizome (Baimaogen).

Dosage: 10-30 g
Cautions & Contraindications: Overdosing of this herb may cause mild diarrhea.

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